Dell scott and philippe lacoste

In The Upside, Bryan Cranston performs quadriplegic billionaire Phillip Lacasse, who finds new function in life by way of his relationship together with his ex-con caregiver Dell Scott Kevin Hart.

Philippe, the son of a French duke, turned quadriplegic following a paragliding accident in However his spirits rotated after hiring Abdel Sellou, a latest Algerian immigrant and former felony who had solely utilized for the job to meet the revenue help necessities of his French visa.

He was irreverent, cheeky and had an outrageous humorousness. I wanted him. And he turned a good friend afterwards. Philippe even souped up his wheelchair so he may race it at excessive speeds with Sellou hanging off the again.

Pity is the very last thing you want. Pity is hopeless. An enormous field workplace success in France, The Intouchables was remade twice inin Argentina as Inseparables and India as Oopiri, earlier than the American remake. The most recent model of the story, pairing a white billionaire with a black ex-con, is supposed to bridge the identical seemingly insurmountable social divide in America as between a French aristocrat and an Algerian immigrant within the authentic story.

You may see for your self whether or not director Neil Burger was profitable— The Upside is out in theaters now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Theweeklyn News. Study: Socially-distanced MFA student art galleries. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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Since The Upside is loosely based on a true story, it may just change your attitude about the world around you by reminding you that good things can happen to those who least expect it. The two people in The Upside who have their lives transformed for the better are Phillip Lacasse Bryan Cranston and Dell Scott Keivn Hartand they start off as patient and caretaker, respectively, but end up becoming great friends.

According to Deadline, The Second Wind is a memoir about how he, a wealthy French businessman, had a paragliding accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, and about how he transitioned into his new life.

In an interview with The TelegraphPozzo di Borgo called Sellou his "guardian devil," and their offbeat friendship became the subject of a hit French film, Intouchableswhich came out in In the trailer for the U.

dell scott and philippe lacoste

According to The Telegraph, the real people depicted in The Upside eventually parted ways, with Sellou returning to Algeria where he settled down and started a family. A interview published on the AnnaChromy. Source: Read Full Article. Skip to content After the clock strikes midnight on Dec.

We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.But while The Upside has had a long road to American movie screens, it is far from the first time the story's been told, with origins in the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo.

Philippe, the son of a French duke, became quadriplegic following a paragliding accident in At first, he didn't adjust well to his disability, once attempting suicide by wrapping his oxygen tube around his neck. But his spirits turned around after hiring Abdel Sellou, a recent Algerian immigrant and former criminal who had only applied for the job to fulfill the income support requirements of his French visa.

He was irreverent, cheeky and had an outrageous sense of humor. I suddenly found I was enjoying life again, feeling like I didn't know what was coming next," Philippe recalled to The Telegraph in I don't give a damn that he is out of jail. I needed him. And he became a friend afterwards.

Together, the duo would routinely pull elaborate pranks, like when Abdel got pulled over for speeding in Philippe's Rolls-Royce, but convinced the police, with Philippe playing along, that he was rushing his ward to the hospital to treat a seizure. Philippe even souped up his wheelchair so he could race it at high speeds with Sellou hanging off the back.

Pity is the last thing you need. Pity is hopeless. Pity is what someone gives you because he is afraid to take care of you. InPhilippe published a bestselling memoir, A Second Windabout his life and his odd-couple relationship with Sellou, which was turned into 's French film The Intouchables.

dell scott and philippe lacoste

A huge box office success in France, The Intouchables was remade twice inin Argentina as Inseparables and India as Oopiri, before the American remake. The latest version of the story, pairing a white billionaire with a black ex-con, is meant to bridge the same seemingly insurmountable social divide in America as between a French aristocrat and an Algerian immigrant in the original story. You can see for yourself whether director Neil Burger was successful— The Upside is out in theaters now.

Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.The Upside is based on a true story As is typical in this sort of film, the pair learns a lot from the other they never knew, finding a new lease of life in the process.

This means that, from a certain point of view, The Upside is a remake. So while it can be said The Upside is based on a true story, it is through the filter of another movie. Despite the trans-Atlantic translation, The Upside contains a lot of real vignettes from Philippe and Abdel's life, mainly due to their presentation in The Intouchables which Philippe advised on.

What's most interesting about The Upside and its predecessor is what it chose to omit. Both movies have his wife dead before the movie begins and a key motivator for the millionaire's apathy. However, at their core, the movies tell a very similar story in a very similar way. The Upside really is a universal story.

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Netflix's Tiger King Pitch Meeting. The New Remake IsIn I saw the U. So he goes to job interviews just to get the manager to sign off on his sheet for his parole office. He gets a job and a lifelong friend. You can see why the true story appealed to Hollywood.

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston Substitute the Actual Algerian and French Aristocrat

He may even be suicidal. Dell is not charming or smart. Phillip is not seeing the good that society has overlooked. He wants the screw up. Phillip and Dell inspire each other and make each other laugh. Boy, writing that last paragraph makes it feel really trite, and maybe it is.

Laughing at the absurdity of life is important. And not giving up is important too. Phillip is rich and can afford the fanciest chairs and voice command devices. He hires three people besides Dell. Most of them probably have to fight their insurance company for basic necessities. The Upside only hints at bigger issues facing Phillip and Dell. One neighbor Tate Donovan questions letting an ex-con live and work in their upscale building.

Unforgiving privileged elite is a really big issue that could have been very fruitful to explore in additional scenes.

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I do admire Hart playing an unlikeable character who needs to change. Your mileage may vary how likable you find him in Think Like a Man or Ride Along movies, but assuming that, The Upside begins with Hart playing against type.

dell scott and philippe lacoste

That may be entirely in the script, it may be verbatim from The Intouchables. Cranston is giving a full bodied performance with just his face. Dell does get Phillip high twice. They just made The Intouchables more superficial. Opinion Recaps Reviews Interviews Explainers. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. Monsters and Critics. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Necessary.Kevin Hart plays Dell Scott, a felon who must find work. Bryan Cranston is Phillip Lacasse, a billionaire who, in this version, lives in a Manhattan penthouse and maintains a fleet of collector cars.

Dell presumes that the job for which he is applying is some kind of janitor. He is surprised to find that Phillip is a quadriplegic from injuries suffered in a paragliding accident. Cranston and Hart are enjoyable, reliable performers. Here they have great chemistry. Cranston, using only his vocal expressions and his face, is great at portraying a sophisticated character who is so angry and filled with grief that he is ready to quit. Member of St.

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dell scott and philippe lacoste

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In ‘The Upside,’ Kevin Hart Is an Ex-Con Nurse Who’s About as Funny as a Case of Shingles

Stay up-to-date on what's happening Receive the latest in local entertainment news in your inbox weekly! Sign up! Your notification has been saved.Needless to say, audiences loved Cranston in the role of softy high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who later transformed into the drug kingpin that we all came to know as Heisenberg. In the upcoming film, The Upside, Cranston plays the role of a disabled man, Phillip Lacasse, who is paralyzed and surrendered to a wheelchair.

He also happens to be a billionaire. The premise of the film centers around the relationship between Lacasse and the formerly incarcerated man that he hires to be his caretaker, played by Kevin Hart. The film is actually a remake of the French film, The Intouchablesinspired by the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, a quadriplegic French aristocrat who formed an unlikely friendship with his Arabic ex-con caregiver. However, the back-lash that the upcoming film is receiving has nothing to do with the acting skills of the talented leading men, but rather, the fact that Cranston is not actually disabled.

Non-disabled actors are routinely cast to play characters with disabilities, while actors with disabilities are rarely even auditioned for minor parts. This practice amounts to discrimination and we are working with Hollywood advocates to change that. Where does the restriction apply? Where is the line for that? I think it is worthy for debate to discuss those issues.

How do you feel about Cranston playing the role of a paralyzed man? Are you a fan of Breaking Bad and do you plan to see The Upside? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below! Everything Eyebrows! Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. The Author. Margot Carmichael. Margot Carmichael has a passion for words. The author of multiple articles, blog posts and e-books, Margot has been writing for years and helping her clients, large and small, to tell compelling stories.

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