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At first he tries to avoid physical contact. At first he pushes his crush away and turns into a flustered blushing mess. The first time he lets someone touch him for a prolonged period of time was when you accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. He let you be while he awkwardly sat as still as possible.

He tries to not let you notice but you do and close the gap and lean against him. He freezes when you do this but eventually relaxes while being a blushing mess.

The first hug you shared was when he finally confesses his feelings for you. It was short before he pulled away, but slowly he would let them last longer and longer.

Originally posted by kalosstarters. Originally posted by bird-studio. Your hcs are v good! Please and thanks :. Anabel stares long and hard at the projection; pictures of their newly recruited International Police Officers cover the wall from top to bottom. The hum of the projector, and the scribbling of her pen on a notepad were the only sources of sound Looker could pinpoint when he walked in. A vague hand gesture catches his eye as he stops watching his boss and looks towards the task at hand.

Who should we send on the mission to Alola?

Looker lifts himself away from the wall and walks towards the front of the room. His footsteps and the rustle of his trenchcoat add a dimension of noise to the otherwise silent room. He approaches the computer and taps a key that automatically scrolls through all the candidates. Faces and words blur, and as Anabel gives him a curious gaze he presses another key. Anabel narrows her eyes at the picture before glancing over at her partner. Moon backs up and falls into her Champion chair her hands pushing her bangs back as she closes her eyes.Keep reading.

Also, just how Kiawe has a higher body temperature than average people, you have a lower body temperature than the average person. This is probably one of the best imagines I have ever wrote lol. Kakui had told everyone about your arrival. You were the newest trial leader on the islands of Alola. You wore white shorts, light blue top and white sandals. You wore your hair in two braids with sparkly light blue bobbles at the bottom. If you have short hair, your hair was styled and you had blue sparkly clips in it.

You were absolutely boiling just wearing that. You were from Alola but when you were 11, you went to Sinnoh. When Kakui has asked you to come and be a gym leader in Alola, you were happy to be going home but it had been so long that you were quite nervous.

You had known Kakui as a child as he was only 7 years older than you. Your boat pulled into the harbour and you were feeling more nervous than ever. Loads of people seemed to be crowded on the dock. You assumed they were the other gym leaders or proffersors.

You noticed Kakui and waved. The boat then stopped and you got off. I forgot how hot it was here. They all seemed really friendly and you were excited to be back. Kakui then took you into his lab, along with his wife, Professor Burnet and the fire-type gym leader, Kiawe. You and Kiawe both smiled at each other. You tried to go as fast as you could to keep up with Kiawe but sweat dropped down your forehead. Kiawe looked back and smiled at you.

Eventually, you got to the top of the volcano where you just fell on the floor. You heard Kiawe laughing from behind so you joined in with his laughter. You gave him a suspicious look. A trainer came up the volcano not long after you arrived and Kiawe explained the trial to him. As the young girl got ready begin, you shouted to her.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! You were taking a nice, peaceful bath when your Cosmog decided to teleport you. Where did you end up this time? Everything in here will be reader inserted, and will lean towards Fem!

I will have some neutral in here, and in the future, I may try my hand at Male! Reader inserts as well. This is an ongoing piece, where I may need to tag some more as time goes on. Thanks a lot you useless piece of sh. I'm Sorry. Consisting of 20 chapters, 1 per bachelor.

Note that some chapters contains death, suicides and feelz. You have been warned so its your choice to go on and read or to click the back button. Ti Amo.

kiawe x reader

Ti Amo is Italian for I love you. Nadia only wanted one thing, and to get that thing she went down a path that maybe she didn't want to do. But it was better than nothing right? Even if it meant working under Team Skull as a hired hand. She could leave whenever she wanted, someone just had to give her a reason too. It's been nearly a month since Moon became the Champion of Alola, and she is about to embark on a a huge secret mission.

This story recounts her adventures, from the mishaps, to the flirting, to the fun. New dreams however cue a clean breakup, lost connections, and a reunion several years later that sparks questions and receives answers. Gladion wasn't one for the romantics. Gladion wasn't one for relationships. Gladion wasn't one for human decency.

But hell, make up sex with him was always worth it.In A Masked Warning! Feel like you're a little too comfortable? That's an odd problem to have, but we have a cure for that. Interpol contacts Moon, forcing her to leave behind the family she loves in order to serve in another region.

Blue x Reader - Jealousy. That was eleven years ago. The thing is, you also despise these storms. Gladion x Reader - Winter Cuddles. But somehow it works. Gladion X Reader In Alola, Ultra Beasts roamed each island, and attacked the people and buildings while they were at it. That her subjects are doting on her too much doesn't help in the slightest Follow the adventures of this tiny and cute Demon Lord in her quest to become a being befitting her title in power.

Y : It has evolved to be suitable for an aquatic life. Pairing: John Lennon x Reader. Requests are open until further notice! This book is a series of oneshots not related to each other, about you and our cutie senpai Gladion from pokemon sun and moon!

I wanted to throw down that island challenge amulet at his feet and beg for another way out. His Rockruff was in his arms. The people of Alola thought that they were left defenseless against these vicious creatures when something terrifying has happened to their champion. It was the word to use when something challenging comes to an end, when your heart is finally at rest from battling so hard. She Needs Sleep. Fandom Once Upon a Time. Masterlist — Gladion stared out from the balcony of the hotel looking depressed once again.

It can invisibly melt away into water. Red x Reader - A Happy Birthday. Forget putting Nebby in the bag, Lillie needs to get in the bag.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

[MMD] Prank time with Gladion

Two Big Hearts N x Reader 2. Sweet Dreams N x Reader 3. Tragedy Gladion x Reader 4. Broken Friendship Silver x Reader 5. Becoming a Pokemon Master Red x Reader 6. Vacivity Green x Reader. The first debut of tragedy took place when his parents took their research of Ultra Wormholes one step further. During this experiment, his father was sucked into the wormhole never to be seen again.

Because of the unfortunate disappearance of his father, this drove his mother, Lusamine, to the brink of insanity. Day in through day out, all she did was further study the wormholes in hopes of finding a way to bring her husband back. Her intentions may have been noble, but her actions were not.

Her once beloved children became nothing more than a nuisance to her. She loathed Gladion and his sister, Lillie, for not seeing things as she did. In her eyes, the Ultra Beasts were the key to bringing her husband back.

In that sense, Ultra Beasts became more important to her than her own children were. She even began to experiment on innocent Pokemon only to cause more friction between her and her children. No longer able to stand his mother, Gladion escaped with the Pokemon, Type: Null, before his mother could harm it, leaving his sister behind in the process. Tragedy had seemingly taken a break from haunting his life when he was able to spend a few peaceful months away from his insane mother and with his beloved Pokemon.

But as always, tragedy stepped into the spotlight for the third time.

gladion (pokemon) x reader

His mother had finally gone completely insane, merging with a parasitic Ultra Beast known as Nihilego. Tragedy had now taken his mother as well as his father. Gladion was running out of people he cared about. Tragedy was stealing his loved ones left and right, even his beloved sister was in a different region in search of finding a way to help their mother.

She was one of the few people left that he deeply cared about. Besides you, of course. Being the child of a worker under Lusamine and her husband, you grew up and spent much of your time in the Aether Foundation, having Gladion and Lillie as your only companions.

Even back then it was obvious that you were closest with Gladion and even as you grew older, that never changed. You were there for Gladion whenever tragedy decided to make a reappearance in his life.

Even when he tried acting tougher than he actually was, you knew how much he appreciated your support. He needed that pillar of support so desperately. After his sister left, you were truly the only person he had left in his life. He wanted to erase the taint that his mother had left on the once good foundation and make it something that was pure. With your help, he was able to accomplish that and make Aether the way it was originally supposed to be, a place where all Pokemon could be taken care of.

Even seven years after tragedy had last struck, you were still just as close with Gladion as you were before, perhaps even closer.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Gladion X Crying Reader

Gladion sometimes talks with Wicke over the recent happenings in Alola during his time in Kanto and Johto. He then faces the consequences of not telling Moon over his leave. Gladion is inadvertently shaking up the group's New Year's tradition with the help of the Alolan Champion, a couple drinks, and the scientific method. Some Christmas traditions are easier to partake in than others; at least when it comes to Gladion.

Team Skull may get a redemption, but in this AU the player character represented by my personal player oc becomes corrupted. Just a self-indulgent fic I'm doing for fun.

Hau is throwing a Christmas party, and everyone's invited. Unfortunately for Moon, included in that 'everyone' is her ex, Ilima, who she hasn't spoken to in years. Instead of just letting bygones be bygones, Moon opts for petty revenge. By getting fake-engaged to her best friend, who may or may not be desperately in love with her.

I hear your voices, and I'll do my best to finish this someday. Everyone and their mothers knew that the Aether President and Alola Champion liked each other.

Arceus, even they knew of the requited feelings, but after being gone and beating around the bush for years someone had to do something. Necrozma shattered the world you knew through a light-stealing feat. The sting of your failure caused your flight to a world reverse of your own, where there would still be a chance for you to live and save the day.

Showing up through the Ultra Wormhole Lusamine forced Nebby to create in Aether Paradise, your emergence shocked everyone in the room. The Lunala which brought you here vanished back into Ultraspace, closing the wormhole behind it.

In her discoveries, she finds that she has changed, as well. What if Tapu Koko didn't save Luna and Nebby when they fell from the wooden bridge? At the whim of this arbitrary spirit, Lillie is left with no choice but to become a trainer.

As a valuable pawn in a wild and unforgiving region, she must learn to stand alone. Part I complete. Moon is sent away for 6 months to explore every region and learn from every professor in an attempt to 'broaden her knowledge of the world'. It's not until after she leaves without notice that she realizes exactly how important her presence is to her friends back in Alola, specifically a certain organization president.

When a phantom force suddenly launches an attack on the pokemon champions, Moon and her concerned companions are forced to take action I made a youtube playlist for this story: "Soundtrack". When Lillie returns to Alola after three years in Kanto, she finds a different region--Moon is Champion, Sun is traveling abroad, Hau is in line to be Kahuna, and Gladion is giving Aether back to Lusamine.

Lillie wants nothing more than to reconnect with her friends. But when Sun returns amnesiac and hostile, she, Moon, Gladion, and Hau must work together to save their friend before he causes damage that cannot be fixed.

Along the way, old feelings come back with a vengeance, to be dealt with one way or another. As the rescue mission becomes a race against time, and long-buried secrets are revealed, the children of Alola must fight to save the world and each other from a foe beyond their darkest dreams.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Freya is excited to start her new Pokemon adventure in Alola!

As she faces many challenges; whether it's Pokemon, or her developing feelings for Lillie. However, an old colleague surfaces, adding more tension! Rating will change, characters are aged to 18 and up for future scenes!

Follows main story line, with major twists. With shaking hands, Dawn held out the mask towards Arceus. At all. It was a bread-like thing covered in way too much powdered sugar. It had a weird shape… what the hell, was it supposed to be a butt? He unlaced it before taking everything back inside and closing the door behind him. When opening the envelope, he nearly dropped the postcard that was revealed as the front was a huge red heart. Was someone trying to pull a prank on him or something?

Oh man, he really did not want to open the card and deal with all this trouble and bullshit, but on the other hand, he would probably die of curiosity if the threw it away. So Gladion sighed and opened the card. In which Hau decides it's about time that something happened between him and Gladion, so he does something that would fit him the most: he makes him a malasada for Valentine's Day. However, things don't go exactly the way he had planned. Eventually everyone in Alola got tired of waiting for Gladion and Moon to get together, so it was time they took matters into their own hands.

Moon is a jockette. Kiawe is a jock. Lillie is a bookworm. Sophocles is a nerd. Hau is a goody-two shoes. Ilima is a preppy dreamboat. Gladion is an awful "bad boy. What happens when they get tongue-tied with each other? Will romance ever happen for opposite worlds? Many of the boys Moon encountered during her adventures wonder who she'll be giving chocolate to this year, hoping it will be them.

Just who will Moon's choice be? In this story, Luna's adventures in Alola await you! You're an escapee of Team Skull. While running, you find Gladion struggling to get by. You take him in and hide him from his mother, and in return, he protects you from Guzma. Gladion isn't even a teenager when he runs away from home. He shouldn't have to deal with this, he shouldn't have to be homeless and running and scared. But Type: Null doesn't deserve to be locked away, so they have to go, even if Gladion is sick and terrified from what his mother's done to him.

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