The 1940s house e4

Hard to find DVD but really good. Thought she'd enjoy learning in an entertain way.

Highly recommended. I have been looking for the DVD version of this wonderful special for years! I have very much enjoyed the video for years. However, video? I am so happy to find it on DVD. Well worth the money Will be enjoyed for many years to come.

the 1940s house e4

Thank you! This story is told very well and historians guide the family through living life in a 's house. I rented the movie at the library and wanted a copy. Loved it!! Ordered two and gave as gifts. I will order again. Fabulous recreation of the time period. Helps the viewer understand what life was really like.

A top notch series. I saw the 's house and that is why I bought this one. Among the difficulties they must endure are food rations and bombing raid exercises. Additional Product Features Film Country. Fascinating glimpse into another time I have been looking for the DVD version of this wonderful special for years! Great Service on price and shipping. Received order fast.

Thank you I rented the movie at the library and wanted a copy.All Shows. Refine: Popular. World Drama. On TV: Yesterday. On TV: Last 7 Days. Sitcom from Robert Popper about the gloriously idiosyncratic Goodman family.

Reality series following the lives, loves and awks of SW3's bright young things. Smash-hit adolescent comedy about a bunch of lads behaving sadly What do Britain's sharpest armchair critics think of our biggest and best TV programmes? US comedy about a talented but carefree New York detective and his colleagues.

Celebrities bake and Stand Up To Cancer. The kids from West Beverly Hills High may be rich but they always have some drama going on.

Paul Abbott's classic drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the Gallagher clan. Critically acclaimed and genre-defining US sitcom about a group of neurotic friends. A group of single celebrities join an exclusive dating agency in a bid to find true love. Comedy starring Mae Martin as a recovering addict navigating love, addiction and sexuality. Documentary series following people with challenging conditions who are looking for love.

Greg Davies' comedy series about a childish idiot whose world is on the brink of collapse. The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love.

Multi-award-winning US drama about the staff in a hectic inner-city emergency room. Candid, family-centred comedy set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Jamie Oliver shows us some creative recipes tailored for the unique times we're living in. Extraordinary dating show where one single girl moves five guys into her home for a week.Dieticians have long argued that wartime rationing provided the healthiest diet the British population has ever eaten, leading to dramatic post-war improvements in the nation's health.

But now that ration books are consigned to museums, nutritionists still believe there are valuable lessons we can learn from the 40s diet that could help us beat the biggest threats to health today.

The proof of the pudding lies in the experience of the Hymers family who volunteered to go back in time and spend nine weeks surviving on austere rations for the series The s Housecurrently showing on Channel 4. Not only did all the adult Hymers lose weight and show modest health improvements by the end of the experiment but, six months after filming has ended, grandmother Lyn Hymers has stuck with her wartime regime and insists her health has benefited. Taking up the wartime challenge was no easy option for the Hymers.

The family - Lyn and husband Michael, their daughter, Kirstie, 29, and grandsons Ben, 10 and Thomas, seven - previously ate a typical modern British diet.

the 1940s house e4

Their staple fare consisted of ready-made meals, tinned and frozen convenience foods and takeaways. Lyn rarely cooked, had no idea how to bake a cake and enjoyed smoking and drinking. Not surprisingly, both she and Michael, 52, were overweight and unfit.

After nine weeks of spartan rations and, without the benefits of modern time-saving conveniences, heavy physical labour, it is hardly surprising the adult members of the family lost weight. But after just nine weeks, medical tests also showed their cholesterol, blood pressure and bodyfat levels had fallen moderately and their muscles grown stronger. More significantly, despite returning to their 21st-century home comforts, Lyn and Michael have continued their wartime regime, complete with Spam fritters and home-made cooking.

While Michael feels more ambivalent about the benefits of his revolutionary lifestyle change, Lyn has now lost more than a stone, feels healthier, fitter and more energetic than ever before and has given up both alcohol and coffee, without the aid of any weight-reduction programme or exercise regime. Instead of driving to the supermarket for weekly shopping, she now walks daily to her local bakery, grocer's and butcher's shops to buy fresh produce.

She no longer buys convenience foods or ready-made meals, but cooks everything from basic ingredients. And while previously she threw away vast quantities of food each week, she now wastes nothing. One day for lunch she may make soup with fresh peas and the following day a broth from leftover pea pods.

She is even converted to the delights of Spam, and although she still smokes, she has given up coffee and alcohol because she simply doesn't want them any more. To her amazement, she has not regained the weight lost during the 40s experiment and feels healthier all round.

This time it is just staying off and I am not hungry. In addition, she says, her teeth are whiter, her gums no longer bleed, her eyes are no longer bloodshot, she rarely becomes breathless and her skin is as clear as ever, without the aid of expensive creams. The fact the Hymers lost weight and their short-term health improved confirms nutritionists' faith in the benefits of combining exercise with a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat.

But more importantly, nutritional experts also argue that a return to aspects of the wartime diet could, for all of us, be the secret to surviving modern-day killers such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. At first sight, the typical 40s meal of tiny meat portions, mounds of potatoes, carrots, cabbage and bread, followed by a stodgy pudding, may not sound like the pathway to true health. Yet, at the start of the war, the average British diet, with its higher carbohydrate and lower fat content, was closer to modern recommendations than today's diet, explains Susan Jebb, head of the Medical Research Council's human nutrition research unit, who advised on the television series.

When war brought food shortages and rationing, the diet improved further, as people relied more on carbohydrates while fats and sugar were severely restricted. British people derived 32 per cent of their calories from fat in the 40s - almost spot on the 33 per cent level now recommended by government - compared to 40 per cent today, says Dr Jebb.IWM historian Terry Charman takes us on a tour of the s house. The house is a reproduction of the home in which the Hymers family lived during the making of the Channel 4 series s House The replica house was on display at IWM London until You can download the images in this resource to help you understand more about life in a s house.

The difference between a modern and wartime kitchen are highlighted here, in particular storing food without a fridge and washing clothes without a washing machine. Food and fuel rationing also affected activity in the kitchen. Behind them we can see a fruit and vegetable stall.

Fruit and vegetables were never rationed, but they could be in short supply as very little could be imported from abroad and so Britain was reliant on home-grown seasonal crops. Some food rationing continued in Britain until June In the audio clip Joyce Henderson describes how food rationing affected her wedding in Marchand how she coped with clothes rationing.

Members of the public made their own effigies from materials like papier mache, using them for target practice and in town parades culminating in the symbolic hanging of the creature. Although fresh fish was never rationed, it was often in short supply, and quite expensive. Fish queues were always long and even air raids could not disperse them. Supplies were limited as the Royal Navy requisitioned much of the fishing fleet and the German Navy and Air Force restricted the activity of the remaining fleets in the North Sea.

The focus in this room is food rationing and Terry Charman takes us through a typical rationed meal and how to use a ration book. In this room we can also see how the family prepared for air raids, with Splinternet tape on the windows and an Anderson Shelter in the garden. This Ministry of Information drawing shows the multi purpose Morrison Shelter.

The Supersizers Go... Wartime (Part 1)

Toys became more difficult to obtain as the war continued and companies such as Meccano produced weapons instead. We also see books with a wartime theme that the boys read. In this photograph from a four year old girl is modelling utility underwear.

The 1900 House

Her pale blue wool sleeping suit cost 18s 9d and four coupons. Clothes rationing was introduced in June In the same year utility clothing was introduced to save on labour and materials. She is surrounded by toys including a doll in a cot and soft toys. By toys were very difficult to buy new and many were handmade. Toys were in short supply during the Second World War and many were hand-made.

This pull-along toy dog was made by German prisoners of war for the Duke family children. The evacuation of children from towns and cities began on 1st Septemberbut due to the inaction of the Phoney War many returned home quite quickly. In June the government expected the Nazis to invade Britain. This led to the evacuation of coastal towns such as Southend. Children in other towns and cities were evacuated once again when the Blitz began in September In this audio clip Derek Milton explains that his Mother decided not to evacuate him, despite living in Kennington, London.

The emphasis was on good quality and economical use of materials.Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Sign up to Digital Spy's newsletter to get the biggest news and features sent straight to your inbox. Louise Posts: 9 Forum Member. E4 is running on Sky! This was confirmed by a very long chat on the phone where I spent half the time on hold.

E4 will be launched on the 16th. The only thing they dont know is what the EPG is I dont know what that is You can still add E4 onto Sky by goign into add channels and putting in the frequency number Well Well! They finally came through! Thanks for finding this out Louise. I'd imagine its EPG is Look at all those channels on Any idea what they're all for? I see 4xtra which is a new film channel. Deemo Posts: Forum Member.

the 1940s house e4

The last time I checked that frequency there were labels like '4Md' and '4Ln' - I presume this is because Channel 4 are planning to make the regional variations available via satellite - up until now the whole UK gets the London version.

Also, before you all say it. I know Channel 4 programmes are the same the Country over but the different regions do operate different advertisements. James D Posts: 1, Forum Member. Originally posted by Louise E4 is running on Sky! Chris E Posts: 7, Forum Member. On my box I just get the blue screen, with no listings available? Yeah, so do I I'll have a mess around, I expect Channel 4 have agreed with Sky at the lower price Sky are offering them, Channel 4 know E4 HAS to be on Sky from launch, its the biggest lauch of a new channel for a few years.

John Doc Posts: Forum Member.

The Windsors: Secrets of the Royal Tours

Originally posted by DigiUK I see 4xtra which is a new film channel. Patrick Posts: Forum Member. Thats odd considering the listings say its launching on the 18th!! Originally posted by Patrick Thats odd considering the listings say its launching on the 18th!! Iain Chapman Posts: Forum Member. Originally posted by Iain Chapman I don't want to spoil the fun here, but I've having a problem with this.

John Webb Posts: 1, Forum Member. Sloppy Seconds Posts: Forum Member. Forogt to ask: How much is it going to be to view?

The 1940s House

Sesay Posts: 2, Forum Member. Blerk Posts: Forum Member.The series was narrated in the UK by Geoffrey Palmer. The success of The House led Channel 4 to revisit the idea of taking a family back in time again. The family had to act like a typical family of the time, which included the sewing of blackout curtains, building an air-raid shelterand confronting wartime food rationing. A special section was established in the rear of a local delicatessen where the family could shop for s-era food, but which also suffered from "wartime rationing" to mimic real conditions.

Filming began on 15 Apriland lasted nine weeks. Their neighbours helped them dig their air-raid shelter, the family visited a retirement home in costume and in characterand the house was visited by individuals who worked in government or the military during the Blitz. PBS aired the series in the U. The s House was inhabited by the Hymers family: Father Michael; mother Lyn; daughter Kirstie age 29 when the series was produced ; and Kirstie's sons Ben age 10 and Thomas age 7.

The family and producers were advised by a " war cabinet " of historians and others who helped advise on the home's renovation, educated the Hymers about life inand evaluated the family's behavior during the show to ensure it conformed to s standards.

The family was significantly affected by the experience in the s House. The show was well received by critics. The Newcastle upon Tyne Evening Chronicle said "the series gives an extraordinary insight into life as it was lived by the majority of the population during World War Two. For example, The Guardian noted: "The relationship of The s House with the present-day is much more complicated.

Though never overtly editorial, the series inevitably becomes a critique of modern materialism and complacency. Not all reviews, however, were positive. Writing in The TimesPeter Barnard lauded the show's goal of attempting to educate viewers about the past, but concluded that The s House failed in this respect.

The s House was a ratings success, prompting Channel 4 to begin work on The Edwardian Country Housea new reality series with a much-expanded cast and far greater production budget than The House and The s House. A companion book, The s Housewas published in just before the series aired. The s House is one in a line of "time capsule" reality television series to air on Channel 4.

Others in the genre with a similar format from the same production company include in order of their airing in the UK :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reprint ed. Florence, Ky. Groton, Mass. A Companion to Television. Indianapolis, Ind. No date. Accessed 29 June IMHO the best home-front social experiment. A Facebook friend posted the link this morning and I of course had to share this opportunity with you to watch this TV series in full….

I really think there must be some kind of strange vibes going through the air. My youngest son 11, has had the hardest time with the whole eat frugally and predominately real food situation. Like Like. Sorry for sentences that have poor grammar. I was so excited and shocked to see your post that I had to reply right away.

It is early morning and I am not yet caffeinated. That is awesome and your kids are awesome!!!!!! I LOVE that program!

I like shows like this because in addition to being entertaining, you actually learn something. It was good too! I have a complete copy on my computer and I just watched it earlier in the week, so I think Samara must be right.

the 1940s house e4

Each time I get it from the library I watch it at least once a day and keep it all at least 3 weeks. I have it on my Amazon wish list and am determined to treat myself and buy it!! This movie is one of my favorites.

My thanks to all involved who made it and the Hymers family for their part as well.!! I love this show — actually just bought it recently on DVD. I have to tell you, your ration diet really helps — I lost 3 pounds the first week. Another thing to note is how their personalities underwent a real transformation during the period.

The oldest boy very quickly took on a manly responsibility. One funny thing: at one point, Lyn bemoaned the fact that she had to do the rations without a calculator. I laughed out loud. The eldest son found it amusing how his Budweiser swigging cool nan had turned into this old granny type person!

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